Boxing Hand Wraps

High-quality Hand Wraps for Boxing – essential gear for boxers to protect their hands during training and sparring.

  • Semi-elastic design for custom fit and protection
  • Ideal for wrapping between fingers and knuckles
  • Includes starter thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for added security
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Velcro closure for adjustability
  • Customizable colors and sizes available
  • Custom logos can be added using the woven label method

Our Hand Wraps for Boxing are a must-have for any serious boxer. Designed to provide essential support and protection to your hands, these wraps are made with high-quality, breathable fabric that dries quickly and keeps your hands cool and comfortable during training or sparring.

The adjustable length of these hand wraps ensures a secure fit for any hand size, and the easy-to-wrap design makes them convenient to use, even for those new to boxing. The wraps provide stability to your wrist, helping to prevent injuries and ensuring that you can train and spar with confidence.

These hand wraps are lightweight and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand even the toughest of training sessions. The high-quality fabric ensures that your knuckles are well-protected from impact, reducing the risk of injury during sparring or bag work.

Order now to enhance your boxing experience and take your training to the next level. These hand wraps are an essential tool for any boxer, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro. Don’t let hand injuries hold you back – protect your hands with our Hand Wraps for Boxing today.

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